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This is so important yet it has so few notes

The Taliban those snipers pissed on had hung the arms and legs of a marine, that was blown apart by an IED, in a tree. The things the media doesn’t tell…Fuck those pieces of shit, they deserved more than just being pissed on.

Hey remember when those 3 American contractors were killed, burned, and hung on a bridge in Iraq?Remember after the Battle of Mogadishu how the Somalians dragged the dismembered bodies of the Delta operators through the streets?

Here you go everybody, what the media won’t show you.

Four men, had their beaten, burned, tortured, and murdered bodies hung by a bridge, while everybody in town celebrated. You know what those men were doing? Guarding a convoy delivering aid supplies to people who needed them. I guess nobody remembers the British Army soldier who got separated from his squad at night, when they found his dead body in the morning, the Taliban left him naked when they took everything off of it. Remember Marine A, who killed the Taliban member after they found him injured? He went to jail because they were supposed to give him aid, I wonder if the Taliban would have done the same thing for Marine A if he had been shot. This isn’t racism, this isn’t religious hate, this is fucking war. Now get that stick out of your arse, wake the fuck up, and get your nose out of matters you don’t understand. 

My mom got a new puppy

This is the first animation I’ve done in a year.